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Summer Olympic as we know was first organized in the year of 1896 in Athens Greece by the IOC. This event is well known for its variety of games and this event is organized once in 4 years. Since 1904, the players who come first in any event gets a gold medal. The person who comes second and third gets the silver and the bronze medal respectively. The world has witnessed 28 times of this great event and it is set to be staged again in the year 2016 at Rio.  The Maracana stadium of Rio has been awarded with the opportunity to host the opening and the closing ceremony on 5th and 21st of August respectively. Rio de Janerio will be the host city and there will be 59 nations this year who will be competing in at least 28 different sport events. Though Barra da Tujuca has been selected as the main venue but there are also 3 more venues which will host the competitions mainly. This will be an honor for the South American cities as this will be the very first time that they will be hosting the prestigious Summer Olympic Games.

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